Comic Con Comes to Palm Springs: August 26 – 28, 2017

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Look what’s coming to Palm Springs this August!

Don’t miss it – The first Comic Con is coming to the Palm Springs Convention Center this summer — August 26-28, 2016.  Stan Lee (legend and founder of Marvel Comics) will be there too!

I have fond memories of my first Comic Con – which was a blast.  We attended last year in New York City to see my brother-in-law, Will Friedle, who was speaking on an actor panel.  You may know Will as Eric Matthews from ‘Boy Meets World’, but he has been the voice of many cartoon characters – Terry McGinnis from ‘Batman Beyond’, Ron Stoppable from ‘Kim Possible’, Deadpool from ‘The Ultimate Spiderman’ and Lion-O from ‘Thundercats’ –  just to name a few.  When Will spoke at Comic Con in NY he was on a panel with the cast of the animated ‘Transformers’ series.  Will played Bumble Bee – who had a voice for the first time!  It was so interesting to hear the actors speak about the show and to see their interactions together.  Their back and forth banter and their responses to the audience questions were very entertaining.

I knew folks attending Comic Con would dress up and since I love a good theme, I went through my old Halloween costumes and found my old Star Trek shirt from years past.  I remember changing in the bathroom of the office and then hoping that no one (clients or co-workers) would see me in this get up, but alas, I was spotted – kind of embarrassing at the time.  Catching a taxi outside the office was not a problem – the driver was not the least bit fazed (typical NYer).  I didn’t realize until we arrived at the convention center that my costume was pretty lame.  People were REALLY dressed up – Zombies, Aliens, Warrior Princes and Princesses in full costumes, make-up and weapons (well, mainly just light sabers). This made my little Star Trek shirt (without even a phaser) look pretty ordinary.  Long-winded way of saying…it’s fun to go all out and dress up a the convention and don’t worry about over doing it.  Enjoy the moment!

a woman with blond hair wearing a blue shirt standing in between two mannequins wearing red and yellow shirts

Kathy in Star Trek Costume (without a phaser!)

Comic Con Palm Spring features Marvel legend — Stan Lee. Stan, as almost everyone knows, is the founder of Marvel Comics. He has co-created characters such as Spider-man, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor and The X-Men just to name a few.

Other things not to miss include: a costume party featuring “The Flux Capacitors” band, the geek film festival and geek speed dating, a virtual reality lounge, the Zombie Escape Room, and the Zombie walk.  And if this is not enough for you, they will also have 75 guest speakers on their panels.

If you need a place to stay, The Monkey Tree Hotel has availability and we are located a 5 minute drive from the Convention Center (and airport).  You can book on-line at or call us at 760-322-6059.

Guests of The Monkey Tree Hotel are eligible for a special 10% discount on Comic Con tickets.  Don’t forget to ask us for the code when you make your hotel room reservation!

Check out this Comic Con Video…I’ve watched it a million times…so cute…



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