Grounded Body Works – Spa in Palm Springs, CA

Yesterday after feeling a little sore and tight in the neck and shoulders from a few days of lap swimming, I decided to try out a neighborhood spa called Grounded Bodyworks.  Gary jumped on the bandwagon and joined me.  (He’s been doing a lot of trail running out here in the San Jacinto Mountains and was having some lower back pain.)

photo of jade therapy stones and hand and foot lotion

Jade Therapy Stones

We met with Jennifer and Ali and were very happy that they could accommodate us.  Jennifer explained to me that she liked to incorporate three types of massage into her sessions – deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation. After getting in there a bit with me and feeling out where the problem spots were, this felt like the right approach.  Gary and I entered the spa feeling tight and a little hunched over and came out feeling light and rejuvenated!

photo of yellow sponges and wooden scoops on display at Ground Bodyworks

Scrubby sponges and scoops

Jennifer and Ali have their storefront spa, but will also come to The Monkey Tree Hotel for in-room massages for our guests.  Appointments can be made in advance of your visit to the hotel.  It’s great to take a soak in our whirlpool or spend some time in the sauna before (and after) a massage to warm up and loosen your muscles.  Our Scandinavian Spa is perfect for the pre and post massage session.  Also, don’t forget to hydrate after any treatment!

photo of Aveda products for sale including lotions and sponges

Aveda Products Used at Grounded Bodyworks

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