Yoga at The Monkey Tree Hotel with Koya Webb

We had the pleasure of having  Koya Webb – featured on the cover of “LA Yoga” – stay with us as a guest here at The Monkey Tree Hotel.  Koya is an International holistic health coach and a certified yoga and acro-yoga instructor.  In addition to all of this, she is also a track star and attended Wichita State University on a full scholarship for track and field.  Yes, she’s a powerhouse woman!

a magazine cover with a woman in a yellow exercise shirt with the green lawn and mountains and yellow umbrellas in the background

LA Yoga Cover Girl – Koya Webb

Koya fully embraces life.  She is passionate about sharing her yoga practice with people of all levels – even newbies and un-bendy people like Gary and me.   The video below (filmed on the grounds of The Monkey Tree Hotel as the sun was setting) is very inspiring and truly beautiful.  The pose shown in this video is the Camel Pose.

Koya posts daily videos on Instagram and Facebook.  In addition, you can subscribe to video classes and do yoga right along with Koya.  These videos are terrific for many reasons:  the music is excellent and mood setting, the pace is gentle, and she writes in her posts the step by step instructions on how to do the poses.  When you see her flow from one pose to the next it’s very inspiring and uplifting. Check out Koya’s website for a FREE month of yoga on-line.  (As a side note, I’ve recently seen our hotel guests out by the pool in the morning with their yoga mats and their laptops…practicing yoga with a virtual teacher!  No need to rush off to an off-site class!)

In addition to yoga, Koya also stressed to me the importance of drinking LOTS of water. She challenged me to 30 days of drinking a gallon of water a day.  So…I bought a mega jug at Whole Foods and am on day 27 of floating…I mean…drinking away.  Challenge accepted – and since we are this close to 30 days, I think safe to say that I will make it.  I have definitely noticed a difference…my skin is more clear and I seem to be eating less (I think because my stomach is always full of water!)  For me, I know that keeping hydrated here in the desert is extremely important, heat exhaustion and dehydration can catch up on you quickly if you are not careful.  One thing to note…stay close to a bathroom with all this water drinking!

two smiling women holding a large bottle of water

The one gallon of water a day challenge…challenge accepted!

It wasn’t all yoga here at The Monkey Tree…there was some time for fun with (Pink) Floyd – the hotel’s mascot floatie.  Koya gracefully got onto and off of Floyd – not an easy task – most people capsize.  For more on Floyd and his growing fan club, see

a smiling woman in a green bathing suit stretching out on a pink flamingo floatie in a swimming pool.

Koya stretches out with Floyd – #sundaywithfloyd

The Monkey Tree Hotel is available for private client yoga retreats for groups of 16-24 people. Email us at for more information on organizing a yoga retreat.


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