One Stop Vintage / Mid-Century Modern Shopping in Palm Springs (by Kathy)

Just in time for the holidays, I wanted to share my favorite go-to vintage / Mid-Century Modern shopping location for furniture and accessories here in Palm Springs.  Prior to finalizing the purchase of the The Monkey Tree Hotel, I scoured the area for unique finds for our hotel guest rooms and common areas.  While the real estate deal was in the works, I purchased furniture and accessories, photographed and measured everything and then put all of these treasures into storage.  For the most part this system worked well – except for the surprise surplus of coffee tables I had at the end!  In all of the prepping to open the hotel, the hunt for treasures was by far my favorite part of the process.

If you are looking for the unique finds during the holidays or anytime – and want to do some one-stop-shopping, be sure to check out Antiques Gallery of Palm Springs which is located just off of Sunny Dunes at 505 Industrial Place (about 10 minutes away from the hotel). The Gallery opened in 2014 with the goal of becoming “the  most interesting store in the valley”, and that is what they have achieved.  The 12,000 sf space features 40 quality dealers in clean, well-curated, air-conditioned space.  The Gallery is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm.  Categories include their specialty mid-century modern as well as glassware, tableware, lighting, jewelry, military and maritime artifacts, vintage clothing, art and illustrations and all types of collectibles. Very important note:  excellent pricing on all items!  

The Gallery is set up in display vignettes by vendors and is well curated and organized.  This is not a junk store sort of place where you dig through to find a deal – instead the treasures are nicely displayed, clean and set up in an organized, attractive manner.

Today’s feature:  Two Gallery vendors that have excellent (drool-worthy) items – Maison Encore and Mid-Century PS.

Maison Encore is the combination of Thomas Whelan’s two life passions – shopping and design. An avid “thrifter and garage saler”, Thomas came to a crossroad in his life and either had to stop shopping or open a shop.  Fortunately for us, he chose to open a shop at Antiques Gallery of Palm Springs and now we can all benefit from his great taste!  In addition to all of the wonderful furniture and accessories, Thomas also makes and sells beautiful custom pillows. These are also featured in his shop – and are also at The Monkey Tree Hotel.

Another favorite of mine is Mid-Century PS featuring the collections of Lee and Andre. Their interest in all things modern started in 1998 when they first moved to the desert.  Shortly after this they bought an Eichler home in LA. Both places were furnished with vintage finds.  Once fully furnished, they didn’t want to stop collecting.  Their combined taste ran from Danish modern to late 60’s chrome.  They too thought about opening a store, but when they came upon Antiques Gallery of Palm Springs, they knew this was the place. From Homecrest Patio sets, unbelievable selections of Empoli glass, artwork and vintage lamps – they’ve got it all.

purple, green and yellow glass goblets

All the Empoli Glass at MidCentury PS

2 white wire lounge chairs and a white wire sofa next to the edge of a pool

Your Dream Patio Set by Homecrest

vintage objects (lamps, bowls, glasses) sitting on a plywood shelving unit

Lamps, pots, owls, you name it, they’ve got it!

Come check out many items that were sourced at Antiques Gallery of Palm Springs right here at The Monkey Tree Hotel! And if you break it, don’t worry…I have a place to shop for the replacement!

Happy Shopping!



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