Desert X Art Exhibit in the Coachella Valley (February 9 – April 21, 2019)

Large white  letters and numbers "DX19" on top of a photo with tan ground and grey mountians.

Photo Credit: Desert X website

We are excited to have the Desert X exhibits here in the Coachella Valley again this year! 

So just what is Desert X?

“It’s a site specific contemporary art exhibit in the Coachella Valley.  Desert X was founded in 2015 to bring the finest international artists to the Coachella Valley to create art, engage viewers, and focus attention on the valley’s environment, it’s natural wonders as well as social-political-economic issues that make it vibrant, curious and exciting.”

A rainbow arch made out of colorful metal sitting on tan dirt with green shrubs surrounding and mountains and blue sky in the distance

Artist: Pia Camil (Lover’s Rainbow), Photo Credit: Instagram @ruthellingstonphotography

two hands holding an iphone with an image of windmills and mountains in the distance

Artist: Nancy Baker Cahill (Revolutions); Photo Credit: Instagram @lance.gerber

Best thing…it’s free and open to the public.  Exhibits are throughout the valley in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Indio, Coachella and Mecca.

metal sculpture to look like a palm trees siting on the ground with green bushes and mountains and blue sky above

Artist: Kathleen Ryan (Ghost Palm); Photo Credit: Instagram @dtlaskater

a structure made of metal poles and a fabric roof. a sign in the distance that says "gas"

Artist: Eric Mack (Halter); Photo Credit: Instagram @_desertx

This year, there are 19 artists participating.  Read through the Desert X website for all the details about the artists, the exhibits, the inspiration, etc. On the website there is a full bio, but here’s a shout out to the all the artists:

Ivan Argota, Steve Badgett & Chris Taylor, Nancy Baker Cahill, Cecilia Bengolea, Pia Camil, John Gerrard, Julian Hoeber, Jenny Holzer, Iman Issa, Mary Kelly, Armondo Lerma, Eric N. Mack, Cinthia Marcelle, Postcommodity, Cara Romero, Sterling Ruby, Kathleen Ryan, Gary Simmons, Superflex

 a large orange and red container/box sitting in a desert field with mountains and sky behind it

Artist: Sterling Ruby (Specter); Photo Credit: Instagram @_desertx

a silhouette of a man standing in front of a large screen with a burning flag on the screen.  mountains and sky behind the screen

Artist: John Gerrard (Western Flag); Photo Credit: Instagram @_desertx

Downloading the Desert X app on your phone is a must and the best way to locate all of the exhibits and help you navigate right to the spot.  

Katy Carrier from Palm Springs Style has put together her recommendations for the best way to see the exhibits – separating from East Valley to West Valley.  Here’s a link to her guide.

And when you come to town check out the exhibits, stay at a small boutique hotel during Desert X…(or any time) to experience the wonderful art of this city.  Breakfast in included at The Monkey Tree Hotel (and we NEVER have resort fees – because we hate those!)

a vintage black convertible with white room parked in front of a white building with a sloping roof and palm trees and blue sky behind the building

Photo by Carlos Vargas

And of course, if there is an art exhibit, there is an Instagram moment to share.  Here are some of our favorites…

a brown and white dog wearing sunglasses sitting at the base of a metal pink and red rainbow in the desert

Photo Credit: Instagram @bobthefluffycorgi

a woman wearing a peach dress and covering her face leaning against a large orange box in the desert with blue sky and clouds in the distance

Photo Credit: Instagram @amyseder

two men wearing jeans and short sleeve shirts posing in the desert under a metal palm tree with mountains and blue sky beyond

Photo Credit: Instagram @theyoberts

a woman wearing a striped pant suit standing in front of a large pink tower sculputre

Photo Credit: Instagram @stoplookandstyle

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