A few of my favorite diners here in Palm Springs

a plate of waffles with a bowl of butter behind the waffles

Breakfast for Dinner!

We love breakfast for dinner and have had a lot of fun sampling the local diners here in Palm Springs for our guests – we love places where you feel at home and also where you can order breakfast for dinner.  To help out our guests (and to avoid cooking dinner some nights), we’ve sampled the local diners and have come up with our favorites.

Sherman’s Deli and Bakery – located at 1973 N Palm Canyon Drive (there’s also one in Palm Desert which is amazing too).  Coming from NY, this place has a real city feel.  It’s crowded, can get a bit pushy, and most times there is a line, but very much worth the wait.  My seating preference is to get a table outside and doing some sidewalk people watching – it’s an eclectic group of diners.The corned beef sandwich and pastrami sandwich are piled HIGH!  The matzoh ball soup with noodles is yummy. Sherman’s is also known for its bakery so if you need a cake for a special occasion, order one here.  If you are in Palm Desert, this location has TV screens showing the making of their cakes. Trust me, it’s mesmerizing.

a corned beef sandwich with white bread sitting on a plate

Mile High Corned Beef at Sherman’s

Rick’s Restaurant and Bakery – located at 1973 N Palm Canyon Drive.  This diner is the closest to The Monkey Tree Hotel and Gary and I have been here so often that we have actually been awarded a 15% discount card – good for breakfast and lunch.  I am not sure if I am proud or embarrassed by this fact!  In any case, my go to here is the grilled cheese and tomato or if I am feeling crazy:  the grilled cheese and bacon. The coffee is nice and strong and refills are plentiful!  I am a counter person and love sitting at the counter here at Rick’s.

people sitting on bar stools at counter on one side of the room and people sitting at tables on the other side of the room

Rick’s – closest diner to The Monkey Tree Hotel

Elmer’s Restaurant – located at 1030 E. Palm Canyon.  My all time day or night favorite dish is the Classic German Pancake.  It fills the whole plate and looks incredibly intimidating, but its very light and trust me…you can polish it off!  You got this!  There is often a wait at this diner, but you’ll get one of those portable buzzers and you can go outside and enjoy the beautiful unobstructed San Jacinto mountain views.  Good photo op place while you wait.

A large flat pancake with lemons and butter on top sitting on a plate. a glass of orange juice in the background

A must order – the German pancake at Elmers

Manhattan in the Desert – located at 2665 E Palm Canyon Drive.  I find the name of this place odd (and need to dig into this a bit more), but comforting and the food is excellent!  If you love rugelach (pronounced ru-ga-lah) and spelled: rugelakh, rugulach, rugalach, ruggalach, or rogelach – this is Zabar’s good (a reference for fellow NYers)!  My favorite is the chocolate, but the cinnamon is pretty darn good too.  If you want to bring a treat to a friend and impress them, pick up a pound of these goodies and you will be invited back!  Don’t forget to order the pickle platter while you wait for your food. They don’t bring it unless you ask and it’s free.  The potato salad is delicious – get this instead of the fries!

A glass case filled with all kinds of desserts

Tons of great desserts at this Desert Diner – Rugelach in there somewhere

Don and Sweet Sue’s Cafe – located in Cathedral City at 68955 Ramon Road.  This one is a little farther away from The Monkey Tree Hotel, but worth the visit.  The first time we went there, we witnessed the hostess hugging a patron and calling him by name as he entered.  Then when it was time to seat us, she asked me my name and hugged me.  Awwww, this was just too cute and felt very genuine. This is a Cheers type of place “where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came!”  Food was yummy too.  If you are going to the movie theatre in Cathedral City, this is a good pre-movie dinner stop.  Thumbs up on the mac and cheese from our son Conor who is our official taste-tester and has a very discerning palette on this food genre.

a semi circular counter with bar stools and one man sitting at the counter

Don and Sweet Sue’s Cafe – Where everybody knows your name…

So, who’s hungry now???  I am sure that are many other excellent diners in Palm Springs which I may have missed.  If you have a favorite, please comment and share!

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