McCormicks Vintage Car Auction in Palm Springs – November 17 – 19, 2019

There is no better place to cruise in a vintage car (with the top up or the top down) than right here in Palm Springs.  With so little rain fall here in the desert and therefore so little danger of rust damage, this town is a mecca for vintage automobiles.  Sitting outside at restaurants along Palm Canyon Drive (Eight 4 Nine, Zin American Bistro, Trio, Lulu California Bistro to name a few) and watching the old cars roll by, you may get the itch to own one someday!  I guess I’m talking from experience because that’s how Gary ended up with his 1967 Chrysler Newport – purchased 3 months after we moved to Palm Springs.  Who could resist?

large black convertible car with white top parked in front of a large white building with sloping roofs and palm trees in the background

Our 1967 Chrysler Newport parked in front of The Monkey Tree Hotel. (Photo by Carlos Vargas)

If you love vintage cars and want to check some out just for fun, you can stop by McCormick’s anytime and walk through their well-stocked outdoor lot.  It’s a fun place to just putter around and check out (ok, drool) over vintage cars – many of which are priced very reasonably.  I’ve got my eye on a 1965 baby blue colored hard top Mustang which only had one owner and is priced at $19,500 – so please don’t buy that one.  The scene at McCormicks is not a high-pressure kind of vibe, so you can peruse all you want and you won’t have someone following you around.  If you are serious about buying and want to take the next stop, stop in the showroom and Keith McCormick or Jason McCormick will help you out.

4 cars. one blue, one pink convertible, one black convertible with the hood open, one small black convertible with black top

Some of the vintage beauties at the McCormicks Auction

Twice a year, McCormick’s holds a car auction.  The next one is coming up soon – November 22 – 24, 2019.  The auction will be held at the Palm Springs Convention Center located at 277 N. Avenida Caballeros.  Spectators (aka potential buyers) can purchase tickets at the gate.  Friday is free.  Saturday costs $15, Sunday costs $15, or a weekend pass is $25. 

4 cars. one blue convertible car, one gold car with the hood up, one red convertible with a white top, one lime green GTO car

And yes…more vintage beauties. Do you have a favorite?

The auction starts at noon on Friday, November 22 with 180 cars revved up and ready for the auction block.  On Saturday, they will have 225 cars up for auction – auctioning off 20 cars per hour…yep, they move pretty fast and it’s very exciting to listen to the auctioneer and just watch too.  On Sunday they have free mimosas and Bloody Marys from 9 am to 10 am and then straight to auctioning off 175 more cars starting at 10 am.

The floor of the auction under a large white tent filled with people sitting on white folding chairs

On the floor of the McCormicks Car Auction

To complete your whole mid-century modern experience, come and stay here with us at The Monkey Tree Hotel designed in 1960.  We offer a 10% discount to those who book directly with us.  


large bedroom with high ceilings and windows across the back of the room.

The Jungle Room at The Monkey Tree Hotel

For the full effect (and a great photo op), feel free to pose in front our very own 1967 Chrysler Newport out in front of the hotel. We are often asked if our car is a prop.  Well, it can be for photo shoots, but it is actually a working car that Gary likes to use from time to time when it’s not too hot out here.  It’s a real gas guzzler (and it also sounds loud and mean), so we don’t take it very far, but it’s fun to cruise down Palm Canyon on a beautiful night here in Palm Springs with the Frank Sinatra tunes going, the wind blowing our hair and our elbows leaning out the window.  For a few moments, you feel like you are back in the day with the Rat Pack. 

three men standing around a black vintage car.  one woman wearing sunglasses sitting in the car.

The Friedle Family

People posing in front of a black convertible car for a photo shoot

Some photo op moments with our Chrysler parked here at The Monkey Tree Hotel.



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