Located in an enclosed one-acre property in Palm Springs, The Monkey Tree Hotel makes a perfect destination for your private events.

With 16 rooms that vary in price and size, we can work with you to structure a buy-out of the entire hotel which would become your private resort. Many have found that they prefer this option to reserving a small block of rooms at a larger hotel where you share space with others.



The Monkey Tree Hotel can be the perfect outpost for your family and friends who may be attending your destination wedding in Palm Springs. The property is large enough for a gathering of 50-75 people so you may want to consider a pool party, brunch or cocktail event to compliment your other weekend (or weekday) wedding festivities. 

A Quote from our wedding guests Courtney and Caren:
“We hosted a brunch and pool-party at The Monkey Tree Hotel as part of our wedding weekend, and rented out all 16 rooms… what a PERFECT way to celebrate with friends and family! Could not recommend it more, as it felt like our own estate… but with all the amenities you would ever want. Feels like a home away from home — if my home also oozed Mad Men charm and came with afternoon sangria!”

Birthdays & Reunions


Milestone birthdays (and non-milestone birthdays too) are much more fun to celebrate with your family and friends over an extended stay. Why just have a birthday dinner out at a restaurant when you can have a whole birthday weekend?! Our indoor great room/ dining room is fully air-conditioned and can be used for a sit down dinner for 12-20. 



Baby Moon for Desert Mommas


For a bit of quiet, relaxing pampering before your baby’s arrival, treat yourself to a little baby moon vacation. Soak your feet in our Scandanvian Spa cycle, sip some refreshing lemon and cucumber water and take a nice long nap in our saltwater pool (yes, we’ve got fun pool floats). For that extra bit of spoiling, we can arrange for our local massage therapists to come to the property for an in-room pre-natal massage – or as we like to call it… The Desert Momma Experience!

Corporate Retreats


Imagine getting out of the office to brainstorm with your colleagues instead of just sitting in the same old conference room. Think about the ideas that may come from seeing the mountains in the background all day, the swaying palm trees, and the pink clouds at sun set. Our dining room can be your conference room where we have a 65” TV. The complimentary sangria may also help generate some fresh new ideas.

A quote from Brannan Sirratt, who attended the John & Carole Barrowman Writer’s Workshop:
“This was probably the best conference/retreat environment I’ve ever experienced. The space was intimate enough for close work and personalization, but with plenty of space to escape for quiet reflection. The staff made sure we felt right at home, too. And the breakfast is to die for!”

Commercial Shoots / Photography backdrop

Events_page_Commerical Shoot

If you are looking for an authentic mid-century background (think Mad Men by the pool in Palm Springs), look no further.

The property is extremely photogenic from all angles with its mountain views and mature palm trees. There are a variety of locations to film – four pools, a tiki bar, a living room, guest rooms, and even an amazing original bathroom in the jungle suite that opens to a private backyard complete with 1960’s Salterini furniture, wrought iron day beds and its own orange tree.

The property can be made available for commercials, fashion photography, television and movie filming. If you need a place for the crew to stay, that too is an option.

Yoga and Wellness Retreats

The hotel has a private enclosed courtyard with plenty of green space, palm trees, swimming pools (with a misting system) and ample breathing room to create a private resort feel for guests.The entire property could be a perfect oasis for yoga, meditation, relaxation and healthy eating. If you are an instructor with a following or if you would like to find a location that would be perfect for a yoga retreat, The Monkey Tree Hotel may be just the right fit. A group of 16-20 could be accommodated with use of the grounds as well as the indoor air conditioned space which can be a perfect “classroom”. We could provide healthy, light meals throughout the day if you are looking for an undisturbed, peaceful setting.

A quote from Janna Harris, leader of the “Be Balanced Wellness Retreat”

“As a retreat location, The Monkey Tree Hotel feels like a home. The boutique set up truly makes it feel as comfortable as home. The property includes so many intentional and convenient touches (Scandinavian spa, tether pool, stocked fridge full of drinks, etc).  The staff is second to none. Whether you are greeted by the owners or their first in command, you instantly feel welcomed and know that you are in good hands.  The daily breakfast is a worth noting. Each day offers really imaginative and delicious options without having to sacrifice dietary restrictions or overall good nutrition.”

Athletic Training

Whether preparing for a race, or a mid-season tune-up, a “train-cation” may be what you need. Turn our hotel into your group’s training camp. Eat, train, and recover with like-minded athletes. Perfect for Tri-Clubs, Swim Club’s, or Trainers. Train in our pools using our swim tethers, run in and around Palm Springs or up in the San Jacinto Mountains, and cycle throughout the flat Coachella Valley on our bike-friendly road lanes. We can help plan your nutrition during your stay with healthy, house-made food and on-demand protein/carb shakes. Recover in the Scandinavian Spa area with our hot tub, refrigerated cold-plunge and dry sauna so can you can train again. You can also book an in-room massage with us too!

If you are interested in any of these type of events or have other ideas about how you might use the entire hotel and property, please complete the form below. We are happy to work with you to plan the perfect event.

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