There is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than at The Monkey Tree Hotel’s Scandinavian spa. Let the cycle of heat and cold alleviate stress, eliminate toxins and help tired muscles recover from strenuous exercise.

The Monkey Tree Hotel offers guests a hydrotherapy experience like no other in Palm Springs. Spend the day cycling between our dry sauna, hot tub and cold plunge pools. By alternating between hot and cold in the centuries-old Nordic tradition, the body will first retain the heat then release it during the cold portion of the cycle, leaving you in a state of complete relaxation. Your pores will be forced open then closed, helping flush the body of toxins. Your muscles will also relax, aiding in recovery from exercise. Whether you spend the day hiking in the mountains, shopping downtown, or training for your next triathlon, The Monkey Tree Hotel’s Scandinavian cycle is a perfect way to end the day and enable a sound nights sleep!

If you would like to have an in-room massage during your stay, please let us know and with 48 hours advance notice, we can make these arrangements for you.  Whether it is a Swedish, deep tissue or reflexology, or pre-natal our team of massage consultants can be on hand to provide a treatment just for you.